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Meet our Team

Kimberly Ladd

Kimberly Ladd is Cofounder and President of Aligned HOPE. Leveraging the Science of the Positive Kimberly challenges systems, communities and organizations to reflect upstream when engaging parents and children by prioritizing holistic child and family wellbeing with a shared vision for HOPE. 

Working to mobilize parents, transformational leadership and local cross-sector partnerships to balance hope and concern, Kimberly is dedicated to growing a national movement that transforms how we see and talk about the positive experiences and environments that foster healing, resilience and long term wellness for children, families and communities. 

Kimberly’s keynotes inspire thought, collaboration and action as she makes the case for a trauma informed, resilience oriented approach to community health and family wellbeing. 

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Executive Board

Kimberly Ladd, President

Jasmine Journey, Vice President

Raven Lockridge, Secretary

Treasurer, Vacant

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